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Join clients like Geico, PayPal, Yellow Pages, Kidd International, Solutions Publishing, Ultimate Software, Solarwinds, Penton Media / Informa, SWIFT, Blue Cross Blue Shield, E-ZPass, and many others who have chosen WeSendIt to create, send and track their email campaigns for them. 

Now you can have experts prepare and send your next email marketing campaign for you. Delegate your managed sends email to the email experts at WeSendIt. This is a perfect solution for full service sending of all kinds and sizes of email marketing campaigns, from small (hundreds or thousands of emails) to large (many, many millions).

Free ListBuddy List Cleaning Included if you send within 30 days

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We'll create your email message for you, upload your subscriber list to our system, send you several test messages, and then only upon your explicit approval send your email campaign to all your subscribers. We then give you a full report on the success of your mailing (successful sends, opens, clickthroughs) and other important engagement metrics.

If you like we can do split tests, drip campaigns, delayed sends, sending to segments of your list, and much more. We can test different subject lines for you, and do what it takes to make your email marketing message and campaigns a great success.

Unless you request otherwise, all messages sent are sent in "responsive" format, so they'll be displayed and viewed perfectly on mobile phones, iPads and tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Now there's no longer a need to hire and develop this skill set in house. Now you can outsource it to WeSendIt.

A division of Net Atlantic, WeSendIt has 23 years of experience with email. In fact, since inception, we've delivered 85 billion email messages to subscribers worldwide.

Tip: It's considered a best practice to separate your corporate business email system and domain name from your outbound email communications to your clients, subscribers, and prospects. This way, you are more properly insulated from mistakes, errors, or hacks which could potentially interfere with mission-critical normal company or organization operations.

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