Professional, Outsourced Managed Email Sending

Reasons To Outsource

1) Professional Service: you can rest assured knowing that the people you have turned your email campaign over to will create and execute a professional, workmanlike-quality email marketing campaign that will reflect well on you and your organization.

2) Technology Expertise: Rest assured that our sending team knows our platforms and technologies thoroughly, and will make optimal use of our capabilities to give you world-class results that will generate response.

3) Personalized help and communication with Your Own Dedicated Sending Representative: The person you will work with at WeSendIt knows you, your company, and your email marketing goals. You will have full and complete direct access to your own dedicated sending representative who is 100% USA-based here in Massachusetts.

4) Full Reporting: Our comprehensive reporting provide you with some of the best reporting in the industry. Also, we'll explain and interpret any and all campaign results for you in the spirit of continuous improvement to do better next time.

5) Save Time, Save Money: Some things are best learned and executed in-house. Other things are best outsourced. For example, you can prepare your own taxes, but it's likely a professional accountant or tax advisor can achieve better results for you. This is the same concept with your email marketing campaigns.

6) Fast Turnaround: We can usually complete preparation, testing, and sending of your email messages within 24 hours of our first communication, if you need your email to go out quickly. Our enterprise-level email servers send mail at 800,000 to 1 million messages per hour. If you need it to go out more quickly or in a time-sensitive manner we can split your mailing across several servers for lightning-fast delivery.

7) Responsive Format: Today people check their email on 3 - 5 different kinds of devices and form factors. It is imperative that your message is easily readable on all devices. We make sure that all messages sent display properly on all devices. Your email campaign will look great on cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and more.

8)  Delivery Reports to Share: You can share your campaign report with key members of your team to analyze results and response from your efforts

9) 100% USA-Based On-Site Team: Our email marketing professionals are USA-based and are not virtual employees. We're glad to work with you by phone, email or live chat to help you conceive and achieve your email marketing campaign goals. We're on your side. 

10) Advocating for You: If we see an opportunity to improve your campaign, segmenting, split tests, creative, campaign results, subject lines, response mechanism, or other key component of your email marketing efforts we'll speak up and give you the expert service you deserve.

Note: If you'd like to review the steps to create, prepare and send your own email marketing campaign, feel free to review our special free article guide: Fifteen Steps to Create and Send an Email Marketing Campaign


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