Professional, Outsourced Managed Email Sending

Typical Uses

There are many reasons why business and organizations outsource the sending of their email marketing messages:

A successful Advertising Agency focuses on their creative work, and delegates the sending functions to an experienced outsourced company that will make them and their client look professional. Multivariate testing, dynamic content, and professional responsive emails are key needs for advertisers and the modern marketer. 

A Publishing Company needs to deploy comprehensive digital strategies to reach their readers with both fulfillment and new subscriber acquisition strategies. Various publishing formats are required, thus the decision to outsource it to professionals. Paywalls, subscription services, leader pricing, and freemium business models can all be important for many publishers.

A Business Process Outsource Company (BPO) desires to send email on behalf of a client, and locates an email sender and arranges for the sending to be executed by the email marketing sending company. A BPO will typically offer email marketing sending as one of many business processes (accounting, telemarketing, sales, etc.) and will provide value to their clients by managing the buying of business processes such as sending email marketing campaigns and helping manage the process for successful outcomes.

A Class Action Law Firm and Claims Settlement Administrator will act as lead named plaintiff counsel and engage an email sending company to assist with the location, notification, communication, processing, review, audit and distibution of successful claims made under a class action process. Large class actions involving millions of claimants require a timely, efficient and cost-effective method to manage the claims administration process, and this is often done with an outsourced email marketing sending agency.

A Lead Generation Company wants to optimize strategies in order to generate leads, capture prospects, and generate data for connecting businesses with prospects and qualified buyers. Both B2B and B2C companies make the best use of their time by outsourcing the email sending part of their business.

A Political Sender wants to focus their efforts on various constituents, groups, voters, advocates, or committee members and outsources the technical functions of segmenting lists, performing split tests, interpreting results, and more. Fundraising is often the most critical function of political email marketing campaigns.

A City or State Government wants to communicate with their residents, citizens, constituents, and interested parties, and uses email for fast and effective communication. Mail sent via Adobe PDF format is a common standard which fulfills both online and offline usage for city and state governments. 

A Health and Fitness Company sends messaging out to their subscribers and members to encourage healthy lifestyles, improve awareness of health topics, encourage activity, and recruit new members. Oftentimes daily emails set up in advance can reinforce fitness goals. 

A Coupon and Daily Deals Marketing Company sends messaging to those people interested in saving money while shopping, and learning about new vendors, providers and products for consideration. WeSendIt helps with ramp up and delivers permission-based promotions accurately for clients.

A Bank and Financial Company sends important messaging to clients in regards to special offers and promotions, industry changes, market changes, and account updates.

A Healthcare Provider helps their clients with updated healthcare information, healthcare laws, and new developments in order to be more responsive and accommodating to their members in order to provide a higher level of service with higher satisfaction levels.

A European Company sends through WeSendIt to address and meet specific privacy concerns mandated by their country laws and guidelines around proper management privacy and data. HIPPA, GDPR, and many other privacy and data requirements must be addresses and satisfied in order to successfully delivery email campaigns.

A Non-Profit Organization with a valuable list of supporters and advocates outsources email sending to continue to update, inform, and make current all members and supporters. Not for profits, in addition to advocating a position, will often have fundraising as a key function. WeSendIt is pleased to help with fundraising emails and effective responsive templates ready to deploy.

A College or University uses email messaging to communicate most effectively with students, faculty, parents, and friends and supporters of the academic institution. If there are multiple roles of approval in the mailing process, we are fully capable of sending as many test emails as needed to multiple recipients until everyone approves.


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