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About Us

About Us

WeSendIt is a division of Net Atlantic, Inc. a pioneering Internet company founded in 1995 that offers comprehensive internet email marketing platforms, software and solutions for business and organizations worldwide. Since 1995, clients have sent over 85 billion email messages with Net Atlantic.

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Our Location

We Send It
Net Atlantic, Inc.
10 Federal Street, Suite 26
Salem MA 01970 USA

Net Atlantic office in Salem Massachusetts USA

Tel. 978-219-1900

Boston North Shore > Salem, Massachusetts
10 Federal Street, Suite 26, Salem, Massachusetts 01970

Industry and Trade Organizations

WeSendIt supports and recommends many industry organizations, trade groups, partners, and others helping to further the professional use of email communications. These organizations include: 

SIPA: Specialized Information Publishers Association
ANA/DMA (formerly Association of National Advertisers and Direct Marketing Association)
MAAWG: Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance)
IE: Inbox Experts
EEC: Email Experience Council
OTA: Online Trust Alliance
250 OK Analytics and Delivery
LB: ListBuddy Email List Validation    


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